Project Phases

The project consisted of a contact phase, a demand assessment phase, a clarification phase and a finalization phase.
  1. Contact phase – During the contact phase, the key accounters identified a contact person for each research group at the respective universities which handle research data and wish for support.
  2. Demand assessment phase – In this phase, the concrete needs of each group have been identified. In order to achieve this, intensive dialogue concerning the status  quo, scheduled and/or expected developments  as well as already available solutions was necessary.
  3. Clarification phase – During the clarification phase, issues of general importance and general requirements have been identified. This was done based on the user stories and story maps as well as on the work of the working groups.
  4. Finalization phase – The finalization phase focused on the analysis and assessment, summary and documentation of the project results. Based on comprehensive needs assessment detailed recommendations for concrete measures (e.g. infrastructure expansion, development of technologies, knowledge transfer etc.) to boost Baden-Wurttemberg as a scientific hub have been developed.



Project duration

January 1st 2014 – June 30th 2015


Ministery for Science, Research and the Arts, Baden-Wurttemberg

Map of all participating universities