Project Summary bwFDM-Info II

In December 2017, the follow-up project bwFDM-Info II was launched seamlessly, shifting the focus of the project from the development of the information platform to publicity and the establishment of sustainable operations. Furthermore, the project had the task of coordinating the country's e-science projects and initiating an efficient structure in the country. The aim was to interlink the decision makers at the universities with expert committees for research data and the scientific users in such a way that meaningful processes for initiating state-wide cooperation in the field of research data could be created. Due to the good response at the E-Science Days 2017 in Heidelberg, bwFDM-Info II organized a successful follow-up event in March 2019 with the main topic: Data to Knowledge.

Project Summary bwFDM-Info I

Since November 2016, bwFDM-Info has been providing material for researchers on to inform themselves about research data management and to be able to orient themselves to best practices. Furthermore, the project actively supported scientists with concrete help and tools for all challenges in handling data in science. The offer was based on the needs identified in the state project bwFDM-Communities. In 2017, the project initiated the E-Science Days in Heidelberg for the first time.